The Queen’s turquoise brooch has a symbolic and historical significance in todays hard times of lockdown. It is unusual for Queen Elizabeth to wear turquoise jewellery. She wore the turquoise brooch to address the nation on 5th April 2020 on the coronavirus pandemic. This was only the fourth such address to the nation during her 68 year reign. Her brooch signified that she is living in unusual times. Turquoise has long been considered a colour of healing and peace. But this piece’s connection to Queen Mary might hint at an even deeper message from the Queen about the current pandemic.

Queen Mary received some jewels from her parents as a wedding gift.  These jewels included the turquoise parure that had been commissioned by her mother in 1850.  This included the turquoise brooch.

When Mary died in 1953 turquoise parure was given to her son, Prince Henry, the queen’s second cousin and his wife the Duchess of Gloucester.  The brooches, however, have remained in the Queen’s possession.

Queen Mary and George V were also monarchs during the 1918 influenza pandemic which hit the UK after gripping the United States.  WW1 had a huge impact on the British public.  The loss of life was enormous.  228,000 Britons died of the disease during 1918.  King George also caught the infection but survived, as did David Lloyd George.

Length:  6.95 cms
Width:  6.8 cms

Item No:  68-031

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