All of our Royal Jewels are hand made, full size crown jewels in replica.  Juliette Designs have specialised in all forms of crown jewels for over 37 years.

Our strength and reputation not only comes from our client base, but also from our extensive dedication, research and knowledge on the subject and its history.

All the jewels are made at our London premises.  Each piece is hand polished and plated in gold or silver.  Some pieces are hand enamelled and set with best quality Swarovski crystal stones and replicas of famous diamonds which are hand cut.  The crowns are fitted with a velvet “Cap of Estate” and faux ermine.

Our collection has taken years to construct and assemble.  Great care has been taken with every piece to preserve its intricate detail and beauty.

Not only have we recreated the crown jewels in replica, but also the famous Queen’s jewellery which can be seen together with the history of the jewellery which dates back to the days of Queen Victoria or earlier.

The collection is a tribute to over 900 years of British history.  It is the most authentic representation of the British Royal Crown Jewels.

any of the pieces are from far away lands which were brought back to Britain as a result of death, civil war and revolutions.

The Queen principally wears jewellery that belonged to her ancestors, but she has also added modern pieces to her royal collection, in particular aquamarines and rubies so that future Queens can wear designs which were created during her reign. Her strongest chain of family is forged by the personal collection of jewels that she wears.

We are honoured to replicate the Queen’s jewels. They have been carefully handcrafted and replicated to the last detail.