Queen Victoria's Turkish Wedding Necklace Replica

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In the year of Queen Victoria’s coronation in 1938, Victoria was presented with a large collection of diamonds by the Sultan of Turkey. She commissioned Rundell and Bridge the crown jeweller at the time to make her an intricate necklace of diamond rosettes and a pair of earrings.When Victoria married Prince Albert on 10th February 1840, she wore the Turkish necklace and earrings.

After the death of Prince Albert in December 1861 she put away many of her grandest pieces which included the Turkish wedding suite.  She gave the necklace to her daughter in law, the Duchess of Connaught who wore the suite at the coronation of King George V in 1911.  The necklace remained in the Connaught family and was inherited by them over generations until the 3rd Duke of Fife sold it at auction in 1970

Length:  40 cms
Drop:  4 cms

Item No:  67-019

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