Meghan Markle arrived at St George’s Chapel wearing a five-metre long veil held in place by a tiara owned by Prince Harry’s great-great grandmother, Queen Mary. Known as the Queen Mary diamond bandeau tiara, the delicate diamond headpiece was lent to Ms Markle by the Queen from her own private collection

The centre stone is a brooch featuring 10 diamonds that were gifted to Mary of Teck in 1893.

Queen Mary’s diamond bandeau tiara, was lent to the Duchess of Sussex by the Queen. It was made in 1932, and the center brooch is from 1893. It is made up of interlaced ovals. The centre piece is a detachable brooch which was given to Princess Mary for her wedding to Prince George. The bandeau and brooch were both given to the Queen Elizabeth II in 1953

Height: 4.25 cms
Diameter 12.5 cms

Item No: 65-023

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