The Vladimir Tiara with Cambridge Emeralds Replica

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The “Vladimir Tiara” that was a favorite piece of Queen Mary, was inherited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in 1953, according to the last will left by Queen Mary. The Vladimir tiara belongs to the personal collection of Queen Elizabeth II

The Tiara was Queen Mary’s favourite tiara, and it also became a favourite of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth has been wearing the tiara since her coronation in 1053

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II gave the “Vladimir Tiara” to Princess Diana after her marriage to Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and heir to British Throne. Soon the “Vladimir Tiara” became one of the most favorite and cherished pieces of the Princess of Wales, who was often seen with the Tiara on formal palace occasions. The legendary “Vladimir Tiara” came to be associated mainly with Princess Diana, during her reign as the Princess of Wales.

Height 3 inches

Diameter across the back 6.75 inches

Item No: 12-012

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