The Queen Consorts sceptre with the cross 1685

The Queen Consort’s sceptre was originally made for Queen Mary of Modena wife of James II. It was made after the restoration of the monarcy in 1685 by Robert Vyner. The sceptre is made of a gold rod which tapers from the bottom to the top. It has been divided into three sections

The top is surmounted by a monde (which means the world in French) with an arc of moulded gold set table cut stones, with a cross above it which is mounted with a rose cut stones. The monde sits on petals which represent the fleur- de- lis. The three sections of the rod are joined by collars with rose cut stones.

The lowest section has a silver openwork sleeve, set with rose cut stones which are arranged as scrolls. According to tradition of past coronation, if a sovereign is married at the time of his coronation it us usual for the queen consort to be crowned with him, as was the case at the coronation of Charles III and Queen consort Camilla in 2023.

The coronation of the queen takes place place in a sort ceremony after the King has been enthroned. She receives some of the same ornaments including a ring and two scepters – this one which is surmounted by the cross and another surmounted by a dove which represents the Holy Ghost

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