The Sovereigns Ring has been used by all monarchs from William IV in 1831 to our present Queen, Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The only exception was Queen Victoria who had a ring made especially for her as her fingers were too small for the large Sovereigns Ring. The centre of the Ring has an oval sapphire which is overlaid with a square ruby stone in the centre, and four baguette ruby stones which form a cross. The sapphire is surrounded by 14 diamonds. The design of the ring represents the red Cross of St. George and the blue background of St Andrew’s cross

The rubies symbolise all the kingly virtues and have been used for coronations since the middle ages. In 1919 the Sovereign’s ring together with the Queen Consort’s with ring has been deposited in the tower of London where it can be viewed to this day.

Item No: 63-002

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