Queen Mary's Crown Replica

Queen Mary’s Crown is set entirely with diamonds and crystals. It was made for Queen Mary when she was crowned Queen Consort with George V on the 22nd June, 1911.

Queen Mary’s crown originally contained the Third Star of Africa in the cross pattee which surmounts the heavily jewelled monde and the Fourth Star of Africa in the band. Both these diamonds were cut from the Cullinan I diamond, which is the biggest diamond in the world. Both diamonds are the personal property of Queen Elizabeth II and are not part of the Crown Jewels. They are known as the Lesser Stones of Africa and were mounted in such a way that they can be removed and worn separately as a pendant or brooch. These stones may be replaced by replica crystal stones.

The crown contains eight half arches. Unlike other coronation crowns, it was specially constructed in such a way that its arches could be removed, allowing for the crown to be worn as a circlet. Queen Mary used the crown in circlet form at the coronation of George VI and at State Ceremonies involving her granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II. Since Queen Mary’s death on 24th March 1953, her consort crown has remained unworn. The crown was regarded as a miracle of construction as it weighed just over 22 oz in all.

Item No: 60-010

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