The Imperial Crown of Russia, also known as the Great Imperial Crown, was used by the monarchs of Russia from 1762 until the Russian monarchy’s abolition in 1917. The Great Imperial Crown was first used in a coronation by Catherine the Great, and it was last worn at the coronation of Nicholas II.

The Imperial Crown of Russia is one of the most precious jewels of humanity, both for its historical value as for its invaluable design. Not in vain was it the symbol of the coronation of many czars throughout the history of the monarchy in that country.

As a typical jewel of the royals, this one was sent to be fashioned by the court jewellers, who with care and attention, and of course, without skimping on it, achieved a unique piece designed with the most valuable and precious metals and stones in the world.

Its design is inspired by Byzantine models, with a lower ring that touches the wearer’s head. The crown is divided into two areas adorned in pearls, representing the Roman Empire from east to west. In the centre of the spheres there is a laurel wreath covered in diamonds, symbol of the temporary power of the rulers. In the gem there is also a place for the Christian faith, symbolized by a red spinel of 398.72 carats, with a cross of 5 diamonds.

Item No: 31-007

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