This is a very impressive pearl and diamond tiara called The Russian Beauty. It was made for Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Nicolas I by Carl Bolin in 1842. In 1919 after her son and his family were murdered, she fled the country together with the jewels she wore daily. The tiara together with other precious jewels from the crown collection were taken by the Bolsheviks.

It is understood that the tiara was sold at Christie’s in 1927 and later sold to the Duke of Marlborough who bought it for his second wife.  His wife died in 1977 and the tiara ended up in the collection of the first lady of the Philippines.  After she and her husband fled to Hawaii in 1986 their whole jewellery collection including the tiara was confiscated by the authorities.  It is hoped that it will show up again at some point.

Height:  5.50cm
Diameter across the back:  15cm

Item No: 31-001

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