This beautiful halo-shaped kokoshnik started its journey in imperial Russia. The centrepiece of the tiara belonged to Princess Ella of Hesse, who was the sister of Tsarina Alexandra who was presented with it by her mother-in-law Tsarina Maria Alexandrovna of Russia as her wedding gift.

In 1908 Ella gave the emerald set to her niece, Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna who married Prince Wilhelm of Sweden.

In 1922 Princess Maria of Romania was about to wed King Alexander of Yugoslavia.  Her mother, Queen Marie of Romania had heard that Maria Pavlovna was planning to sell her jewels, she encouraged Alexander to buy the tiara as a wedding gift for Maria and the tiara became one of the pieces she most frequently wore during her queenship

Height: 9 cm
Diameter across the back: 13.6 cm

Item No:80-004

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