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The Royal Victorian Chain is a decoration instituted in 1902 by King Edward VII as a personal award of the monarch. It ranks above the Royal Victorian Order with which is it often associated but not officially related. Originally reserved for members of the Royal Family, the chain is a distinct award conferred only upon the highest dignitaries, including foreign monarchs, heads of state, and high-ranking individuals such as the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Royal Victorian Chain was created by Edward VII in 1902, six years after his mother created the Royal Victorian Order. The Royal Victorian Chain ranks above all decorations of the Royal Victorian Order, but is not officially part of the Order. Edward created it to honour his mother, as a personal decoration of Sovereigns, Princes, and other Royal personages, and also for a few eminent British subjects. It was first recorded as a new decoration in August 1902, when it was reported that Frederick Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, was received in a private audience to receive the Royal Victorian Chain, following the coronation two days earlier. The first recipients included the King’s son, George, Prince of Wales (later George V) and the King’s brother Prince Arthur.

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