The Orb Replica

The Globe shape of the Orb has a 6 inch diameter and signifies the world and its sovereign’s power. The cross surmounting it denotes Christian rule. The present sovereign’s orb was made for the Coronation of Charles II in 1661.

The orb is made of gold, it is hollow and decorated with 365 diamonds, 9 emeralds, 9 sapphires, 18 rubies, 1 octagonal amethyst which sits just below the cross, and 1 glass.

About 368 pearls are set at the edges of the zone and its arc, and 7 pearls decorate the cross.

Originally, the orb was decorated with imitation pearls but these were replaced in 1930. The orb was among the few ornaments made for the Coronation of Charles II to have stones purchased for it.

Item No: 64-002

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