The Trumpets are part of The State Royal Regalia and are played during important royal events.

The fanfare trumpet is a brass instrument longer than a trumpet.  Its extra length can accommodate a small ceremonial banner that can be mounted on it.

The State Trumpets date back to 1780 with many additions in subsequent years.  There are at present 16 trumpets.

The banner was made in 1830 with alterations made to it in the 20th century.  The embroidered design consists of The Royal Arms within the Garter supported by the lion and the unicorn

The trumpet and banner are used by the British Kings Troops, Royal Horse Artillery, Household Cavilry, Royal Armoured Corps and The Royal Marines.

The State Trumpet, together with the banner forms part of the display of the Crown Jewels which are held in the Jewel House in the Tower of London.

Visitors today can admire the treasures in the Jewel House inside the Waterloo Barracks and stand on a moving walkway which, takes them gently past the cases that house the Crown Jewels as well as the trumpet.

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